Monk name Shi Xing Bo,(Headmaster)
* born in 1975, bachelor degree, Seventh degree for Chinese Wushu and Eighth Degree for Chinese Shaolin, Senior National Wushu referee.
* Futher Studying in Henan province Songshan Shaolin Temple martial arts university in 1991 to learn Shaolin kung fu and its culture.
* After graduated,he was a Master of Chinese Shaolin Temple Wushu Academy.He was the Normal Disciple of Great Master Shi De Cheng,who was the former vice chairman of Wushu Association of Henan Province, China Wushu eight Shaolin martial arts expert, with \"outstanding tradition of Shaolin martial arts world\" record.
* Since 1995, he had been invited to the United States, Britain, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong etc to participate in the performance and teaching.
* He is currently the president of the Shaolin Temple International Wushu Institute, the president of the Shaolin youth military academy, the president of the Dengfeng national defense science and technology school, and the founder of the Shaolin martial arts talent exchange center.

Shi Yongxin
* Shaolin abbot of the original Shaolin monastery on Song mountain
* Chairman of the Buddhists Association of Henan Province 
* First Chinese monk with  MBA degree.

Master Shi Xing Jun
* 32nd generation monk of Shaolin monastery
*  Achieving essence of Zen knowledge from the 30th generation of the Shaolin Abbot .
* Achieving essence of Shaolin kung Fu from Great Master Shi De Qia.
* Highly skills at Shaolin animal styles and internal kung fu, Tai Chi,Wudang, Chi kung, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, and meditation.
* Head master of shaolin warrior monks performance team of southern Shaolin temple.

Master Shi Yan Shun
* 32nd generation monk of Shaolin Temple monastery
* 7th band in shaolin kungfu
* Won first place in the 60kg of 2005 Chinese kick boxing of martial arts competitions held by Henan province
*Excellent martial arts master & judge in Henan provinces
*Good at shaolin combat, Chinese kick boxing, shaolin weapons, shaolin forms, Chi kung,etc.

Shi Yan Kuo
* Followed traditional Master Guo to learn Traditional Kung fu since he was very young.
*  Highly skilled at Wing Chun Chuan, Baji Chuan, Tai Chi, Miao sword, Chi kung, as well as Shaolin traditional fist forms.

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